Our Ministries

projection  Audiovisual

Provide audiovisual technical support for the church. Set up PowerPoint and project songs used during praise and worship.

counselors  Counselors

Receive altar call respondents, assure them of their salvation, pray with them and help with their follow-up.

greeters  Greeters

Stand at the entrance to the auditorium to welcome people coming to church with a friendly smile, a lovely handshake and a word of encouragement.

Housekeeping Group  Housekeeping

Team members devote their time to tidy up the church auditorium and make it ready for service. Their activities include sweeping the auditorium, cleaning the washrooms, and everything needed to create a comfortable hygienic environment for Church service.

Music Group  Music

This ministry is made up of the choir, praise and worship team and the instrumentalists. These are the men and women who add flavour to our worship services, providing worshippers with music that glorifies God. This team currently meets on Saturdays for rehearsal.


This ministry is responsible for providing information to our guests, seating them, handling the collection of tithes and offerings, and administering communion during church services.


This ministry is made up of kids between the ages of 1 to 12. Currently, we have two classes for children between the ages of “1 to 5 years” and “6 to 12 years” respectively. If you are keen on making a difference in somebody’s life and impacting the future leaders, then this is the ministry for you.

accounting  Finance

The responsibility of the counting and accounting for God’s monies collected during church services will rest on this group.

projection  Hospitality

Responsible for preparing and serving refreshments after service. Also, responsible for working with church members to ensure ample supply of food during our Friends and Family Day Celebrations.

Intercession Group  Intercessory

Intercession leaders lead the congregation to pray during church services. They focus on praying for the nation, the church and individual prayer request that the church receives. Respect for confidentially is very key in this department. The department is currently looking for more volunteers who will help provide pre-service prayer as well as post-service prayer for all members who need prayer on Sundays.

  Special Events

Responsible for all events planning including monthly fellowship nights. Also responsible for assisting welfare team with the planning of annual church picnic.


Before the death and crucifixion of Jesus, He prayed that His disciples will love one another. It is therefore pertinent to nurture the spirit of love, togetherness, sharing and caring among the members of the church.

The welfare ministry has been established to awaken in the hearts of members the desire to share each other’s burden and to take care of the social and spiritual needs of members.